The New BRC and You on The Team

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pic of friends of the rubicon on trail project
Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) teaming up on rocks to repair the trail!

In my many decades of off-roading and 30 years of landuse, I can fully attest to one key point: it's a team effort and not the effort of any one person or group. With that in mind, let me share with you the "new" BRC and how I as Director of Operations want this team to perform to keep our sports alive and our trails open.

1. EXPAND OUR SPHERE: We are in this together and we have to expand our sphere of influence by all of us doing what we can, when we can, within our limitations. It's just like a trail clean-up project where one person can only do so much; but one person properly supervising 5 volunteers, gets 5 times more stuff done! More of us need to do what is in our "hat" to do.

2. TWO HEADS BETTER THAN ONE: No one person has all the answers. It takes a community -- it takes a team. The off-road team is powerful. Our job now is to allow it to mature and come to its rightful position in public lands and waterways. BRC is the lead national grassroots organization working with a ton of partner organizations and supporting businesses to make this happen. Your job is to make sure you KNOW the team and are part of it; we can't do it without you.

3. JOIN AND DONATE: Joining and donating are the first job of a volunteer who wants to help a cause, a church, a charity, a union/trade association, you name it. JOIN and DONATE when you can. Start now, at the end of the year with a tax-deductible donation to BRC and your other favorite charities. BRC page/link here:
and don't forget your state association and your sport-specific organization. Join or renew or donate when you can. YOU can make the difference.

'Nuff said...the new BRC is about all of us working together, talking regularly, and being a force to reckon with..
thanks for your help,
Del Albright
Director of Operations, BlueRibbon Coalition

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